2018 Leaf Collection Season to begin November 5

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 09:45

The City's leaf collection season will begin in Area 2 on Monday, November 5 (weather permitting). Daily updates concerning where crews are working and which area is projected to be collected next will be posted on the Public Works Leaf Collection web page at www.winchesterva.gov/public-works/leaf-collection.  

There are two options for disposing of fallen leaves in the city: curbside vacuum service or bag-n-go.

Option #1: Curbside Vacuum Service

Public Works utilizes a collection schedule that divides the city into seven areas beginning with the area that is anticipated to drop leaves first and heaviest. This year, the curbside leaf collection vacuum service will begin in Area 2 followed by Areas 3 through 7 in order. Area 1 will be collected last.

Find Your Collection Area:

Curbside Collection Guidelines:

  • Rake/blow leaves into the gutter pan on the street, if possible, or at a minimum to your property line.
  • For removal by Public Works, place leaves out for collection by the start date indicated on the “No Parking” signs for your route.
  • Keep leaf piles less than 2-3 feet in height.
  • Keep leaves away from ditches, pipes, and culverts.
  • Do not put materials such as DIRT, ROCKS, METAL, and BRANCHES in the piles; these items will prevent crews from collecting your leaves, as they can damage the vacuum.

Leaf collection is a process which can take up to three months and Public Works will service every street at least twice during that time.

Option #2: "Bag-n-Go"

Leaves can be placed at the curb in biodegradable lawn and leaf bags on the normal yard waste collection days (every Wednesday except holiday weeks). These types of bags can be found at Home Improvement/Lawn and Garden stores. Biodegradable bags are requested because they are environmentally friendly and can be recycled, right along with leaves. For this option, there is no limit to the number of bags that will be collected curbside.

publiCITY Episode

Watch this episode of publiCITY, the City’s news show, for a full explanation of the Leaf Collection Season (provided by Public Works Manager Justin Hall and Refuse and Recycling Coordinator Michael Neese).