City to apply for grant to fix Cameron Street flooding

Thu, 10/04/2018 - 12:45

The City's North Cameron Street drainage improvements project which will help remedy the significant flooding problems that occur on Cameron Street, north of Piccadilly Street, is currently in the design phase. The estimated total cost of the entire project, which would be completed in phases, is currently estimated to be $5-6 million. A part of the proposed solution will consist of constructing stormwater management ponds that will hold the water from large rain events and release it slowly while serving as public green space. 

The proposed detention pond would be located on the CSX property. City staff is working with CSX to obtain use of a portion of their land to create the pond. The pond will serve three purposes:

  • Control flooding on and around North Cameron Street
  • Improve stormwater runoff quality
  • Create park-like green space with trails and landscaping which would beautify the area 

The stormwater ponds will provide benefits in improving the quality of the stormwater runoff making this project eligible for Stormwater Local Assistance Funds through the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). These grant funds require a $1 match for every $1 in grant funds received. Applications are due on October 12. Council discussed the grant during the September 25 Work Session and forwarded a proposed resolution to the October 9 regular meeting for official vote.

City Council has already approved $750,000 in General Funds in the current FY19 Capital Improvements Plan and VDOT has awarded the City $1,377,000 in Revenue Sharing Funds for this project. The City's Utility Fund will also pay a proportional share of the project with bond funds already secured due to the water and sewer improvements needed. However, additional funds will be required to fully fund all proposed phases of this project.