Winchester Victim / Witness Assistance Program

When an individual violates the law, as part of the charge, he is accused of offending “against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.” Every victim of every crime personally feels the violation of his or her peace and dignity. Added to that injury is the insult of having to go to court and testify against the perpetrator.

The system often looks like it is set up solely for the offender and not the victim. Knowing that you are following the rules and doing what is right rarely makes you feel better about the pain of the whole process. Nothing can compensate for the personal violation that you feel. However, the Victim Witness Program is here to help. Jim and Mandy, indeed the entire Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ staff, will assist you throughout testifying in court, the process of getting restitution and moving beyond victimization.

Video: "To Do Justice" (VA Association of Commonwealth's Attorneys)

Victim Witness Brochure

Together we can make a difference.

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