Cork Street Enhancement Project

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 06:02

The City of Winchester is planning to improve the sidewalks along the south side of East Cork Street from Pleasant Valley to East Lane (2,000 linear feet). 
A project has been proposed to partner with six property owners on Cork Street to upgrade their fencing and possibly widen the sidewalk to create a safer route for our pedestrians. 
East Cork Street between Pleasant Valley and Old Town is a major tourist entry route between the Visitors Center and Old Town.  Since the City is already planning to replace sidewalks in this area as stated in the Sidewalk Master Plan, partnering with property owners with dilapidated fencing in this area will help enhance this corridor and ultimately improve first impressions of downtown Winchester.
A public meeting was held on February 17th to discuss this project.  Click here to view the presentation.  Feedback from the community is still being accepted. Please contact the City's Planning Department at (540) 667-1815 or
City would pay 100% of fence replacement along E. Cork St frontage where owner provides for small area for sidewalk expansion 
  - or -—
A percentage (e.g. 60%) where owner does not provide for sidewalk expansion
BudgetDepending upon the formula approval by City Council, the City would cover some or all of the expense of installing replacement fencing along East Cork Street frontage at the six properties that already have fencing, most of which are dilapidated and/or are constructed of materials (e.g. chain link) not recommended in the overlay deisgn district.