GIS / Maps

Welcome to the City of Winchester’s GIS Division homepage. 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide a way to interact with digital data to accomplish an unlimited number of tasks and its users vary widely. Through GIS, answers can be sought, problems can be solved, and an endless amount of data can be searched.
The GIS Division was first created in 2004 and housed within the Environmental Services sector of the city but is currently kept under the Public Utilities Sector. Data maintained by the GIS Division is extensive and comes from various sources. In an attempt to keep the data as up to date as possible, various other departments provide us with digital as well as hard copy maps for information such as building updates and property adjustments. A Global Positioning System (GPS) is also used to collect data using satellite systems. 
The mission of the GIS Division is to develop, manage, and maintain an accurate geographic information system to help facilitate, support, and enhance decision-making processes in an efficient manner.