New Semi-Annual Billing for Vehicular Personal Property

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 16:45

The City of Winchester now offers semi-annual billing for vehicle personal property taxes. This is part of a multi-year transition from the City’s unique billing methods to standard calendar year billing. In this first phase, vehicles newly added to the tax rolls will follow this cycle, but citizens may also transition an existing vehicle by request.

Under the new process, the tax year corresponds to the calendar year (January to December) with semi-annual payments due April 05 and October 05. Taxpayers also have the option to pay the full bill at once.

The first set of new bills was mailed last week, including about 2,000 of the City’s 27,000 vehicles. Commissioner of the Revenue Ann Burkholder and Treasurer Jeff Barbour report that initial response has been favorable. “There have been some questions, but once taxpayers understand, they have been quite pleased and some have opted to switch additional vehicles as well,” Burkholder commented. Barbour agrees, saying, “The semi-annual payment option and fixed due dates will help our citizens and commercial vehicles owners better manage budgets and know when to expect bills.”

This contrasts with the City’s traditional practice in each vehicle has been assigned a billing cycle (1 through 12) based upon the month the vehicle gains taxable status. Vehicles are assessed at the start of the cycle then billed for the full twelve months at the end of the cycle.

For additional information, please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at Rouss City Hall (540-667-1815) or check out the below resources:

  • Commissioner Burkholder is also the special guest on this week’s Rouss Review podcast where she discusses the new changes with host Barry Lee. The podcast will be posted at 5 pm tonight on iTunes, Sound Cloud and the City’s website:

  • A list of frequently asked questions has been posted on the City’s website.

Vehicular Personal Property billing changes FAQs