Reveal event to celebrate Rouss City Hall renovation

Mon, 02/24/2020 - 08:45

On Wednesday, February 26 from 4-6 pm, the City of Winchester will host the Rouss City Hall Reveal, a unique event to celebrate the recent Rouss City Hall renovation and the annual Charles Broadway Rouss Day. Community members are invited to stop by Rouss City Hall to see the historic building’s transformation and the many original features that were uncovered and restored. There will be guided tours held every 30 minutes (space is limited), refreshments and an opportunity to chat with the renovation’s architects, Reader & Swartz Architects, P.C.

Rouss City Hall, located at 15 North Cameron Street, was built in 1901 and houses many City administrative offices (City Manager, City Attorney, Human Resources, Finance, Commissioner of the Revenue, Treasurer, Utilities, Engineering, Information Technology, Purchasing, Communications, Planning, Zoning and Building Services). The last major renovation was completed in 1986 and several major systems in the building needed to be updated and replaced (i.e. HVAC and technology).

“Through this renovation, we wanted to not only improve customer service by reorganizing office locations so it would be more convenient for our residents and businesses, but also working conditions for our employees,” stated City Manager Eden Freeman. “The resulting layout has improved City operations and exposing the hidden original features along the way while incorporating them into the new beautiful design was especially exciting.”

February 11 is designated as Charles Broadway Rouss Day (his birthday) in the city and each year a celebration is held to honor his generous contributions to Winchester in the late 1800s. Last year’s celebration was canceled due to City Hall’s renovation, so this year, the Rouss City Hall Reveal event will also pay tribute to Rouss. Did you know that Charles B. Rouss donated $30,000, almost half of the total construction price, toward the cost of building City Hall which was completed in 1901? For more information about many Rouss’s contributions, please visit

Rouss City Hall Reveal graphic