Snow removal efforts continue

Fri, 02/14/2014 - 11:02

The City is continuing to dig out of the large storm that dumped approximately 20 inches of snow on the Winchester area this week. Snow crews have been working 12-hour shifts around the clock since Wednesday evening and are now focusing on clearing the smaller secondary streets.
Removing Snow from DowntownOn Saturday, February 15th between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, crews will be hauling snow away from the downtown area including the following streets (in order as listed):1. Piccadilly Street2. Braddock Street3. Boscawen Street4. Cork Street5. Cameron Street
ATTENTION: The above streets may be closed temporarily throughout the day to allow for efficient snow removal.
In addition, crews will be removing snow from city-owned sidewalks on Saturday, February 15th.
“I am very proud of our snow crews,” said Dale Iman, City Manager. “They are tired, but have remained vigilant and positive throughout the last few days and continue to work hard to make the slow process of plowing streets as efficient as possible.”
Snow Removal Ordinance ExtendedWith acknowledgment of the heavy snow accumulation with the recent storm, the City’s code enforcement will provide additional time for sidewalks to be cleared. Zoning and Inspections staff will provide an opportunity of at least 48 hours following City Public Works crews clearing a street before surveying a neighborhood to ensure that sidewalks have been cleared (until approx. Monday or Tuesday).
“We understand that some residents and businesses may have already cleared their sidewalks once already, only to see that snow is being pushed up onto the sidewalk from the street,” said Aaron Grisdale, City of Winchester Zoning Administrator. “We believe that providing this extra window of opportunity for sidewalks to be cleared along with the rising temperatures over the coming days will help alleviate this task.”
In addition, the City strongly urges residents and businesses to clear both sidewalks and driveway entrances/apron to allow for unobstructed pedestrian access. “We appreciate residents and businesses working together with City Public Works crews to ensure that we have a city that is available for people utilizing all types of mobility, vehicles and pedestrians,” said Grisdale.
Parking Garages to Remain FreeYesterday at noon, the Winchester Parking Authority opened all four downtown parking garages free of charge so residents on the snow emergency route could get their parked vehicles off the street to allow for plowing. Since the threat of more snow lingers again tonight, the Parking Authority will leave the gates open through noon on Sunday so parkers will have plenty of time to remove their vehicles and avoid paying any exit fees. Please note that a fee will be charged if parkers try to exit after noon on Sunday, even though they entered during the designated free period.