ARPA Allocations

City Manager Dan Hoffman presented the City's plan to spend over $6M in 2021 American Rescue Plan Act funding to Council at the July 6, 2021 Finance Committee meeting. Council officially approved the plan at the August 10, 2021 regular meeting. See the below recap for an overview of the plan.

There are four categories to which the spending must relate:

  1. Category A = Responds to the public health emergency or its negative economic impacts
  2. Category B = Responds to workers performing essential work during the pandemic by providing premium pay to eligible workers
  3. Category C = Reduction in revenue due to the pandemic (cannot be used to lower taxes)
  4. Category D = Necessary investments in water, sewer or broadband infrastructure

City's Projects (FY22-FY23)

NOTE: Subject to change due to COVID-19 pandemic and pricing.

Click here for information about ARPA and updates on the City's spending.

A plan update was provided at City Council's Finance Committee meeting on May 3, 2022.

Section Item Total Funding
1. Public Health Vaccination Incentive Program $329,000
  COVID Tests $5,000
  COVID Paid Leave/Overtime $120,000
  Wellness Clinic (City Employees) $150,000
  Emergency Communications Center Upgrades $125,000
  Friendship, Douglass, and Neighborhood Park Improvements $250,000
2. Negative Economic Impacts Vulnerable Population Support $575,000
  Healthy Home Housing Support/Blight Acquisition Program $275,000
  Community Resource Paramedic Program $300,000
  Affordable High-Speed Internet Expansion Initiative $250,000
  Homeowner Assistance Fund (Utility Forgiveness) $147,000
3. Premium Pay for Eligible Workers Essential Worker Supplemental Pay $500,000
4. Infrastructure (Water, sewer, stormwater) Jim Barnett Drainage Improvements $100,000
  Water Main Replacements $500,000
  Stormwater Improvements $800,000
5. Administrative   $18,475
6. Revenue Replacement (click here for details, see pg 4) Digital Services Upgrades $1,091,000
  Equipment $2,084,907
  Personal Protective Equipment $201,000
  Other $2,433,800
  Facility Improvements $2,082,500
  TOTAL $12,337,682