Boscawen Street closure for intersection repairs

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 12:00

Beginning Monday, October 19 and continuing through Friday, October 23, the City’s contractor, A&M Concrete, will be performing road work at the intersection of Boscawen Street and Loudoun Street. The bricks and pavers that have failed in the center of the intersection will be replaced with new asphalt. The asphalt will be decorated with stamped thermoplastic in a red brick color. This material was selected because it will hold up much better and last longer than the bricks and pavers did.

During this time, Boscawen Street will be closed between Indian Alley and Cameron Street. Loudoun Street will be closed, and delivery vehicles will not be allowed on the Pedestrian Mall.

Once the road work is complete, the decorative thermoplastic will be installed the week of October 26. This work will be completed during evening hours and will not affect daytime deliveries.

We realize that this will be an inconvenience but hope that you understand the importance of making these improvements. We greatly appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time.

Should you have any issues or questions during this project, please contact Jon Bordogna, Construction Inspector, at 540-662-5353, option x4 or via email.