3rd Party Inspections

This policy shall govern the use of "Approved" Third Party Inspection Services or Agencies within the City of Winchester.

The use of third party inspection services is a privilege and not a right.  The USBC provides the Building Official with discretionary authority in the use of third party Inspectors (2012 USBC 113.7.1).  This does not mean that third party inspectors may not be used, just that their use in place of the City's Inspectors is subject to the Building Official's discretion.

Third party inspections will only be permitted if:

  • The City's inspectors cannot inspect the work within 48 hours (2 working days) of when the inspection was requested.
  • After prior approval by the Building Official, when because of the nature of the work, inspections would be required during non-business hours such as weekends, holidays, etc. Approval of such inspections will be on a case-by-case basis.
  • The nature and scope of the work to be inspected exceeds the technical expertise of the City's inspectors, or requires special on-site design.

Permit holders wishing to use third party inspectors in place of the City's inspectors shall request permission to do so at the time that the permit is issued, or in advance of the time when inspection is needed.  In requesting the use of third party inspection services, the applicant shall furnish:

  • The name of the inspection company that will be used.
  • The inspection firm's Errors and Omissions Insurance policy showing that they have coverage exceeding the value of the job to be inspected.
  • Any professional certifications that the inspection firm possesses, qualifying them to inspect the work in question.

NOTE:  An  Approved Third Party Inspection Service or Agency is:

  • An agency certified by the Department of Housing and Community Development for the type of work to be inspected, or
  • An agency approved by the Building Official.


The permit holder shall be responsible to file all third party inspection reports with the Building Official within 24 hours of the inspection.  Failure to submit reports in a timely manner is cause to revoke the approved use of third party inspection services in place of City inspectors.

The City of Winchester Inspections Department is committed to providing prompt inspections to its permit holders.  This policy is intended to help fulfill this commitment.

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