Asbestos Regulations

Regulations Regarding The Removal and Disturbance of Asbestos Containing Materials

The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code regulates the removal and disturbance of asbestos containing materials in structures built before January 1, 1985.

A permit issued by this department is required to perform asbestos removal. 

The testing, removal and re-certification of an asbestos abatement area shall be conducted by a Virginia licensed asbestos contractor. Click here to view VA code 36.99.7 Asbestos Regulations.

A completed Asbestos Regulations Compliance Form supplied by the City of Winchester Inspections Department must accompany all non-residential, renovation, re-roofing, re-siding and demolition permit applications. Click here for the form.

Exempted from these regulations are:

  • Single-family dwellings.
  • Residential housing with four or fewer units unless the renovation or demolition is for commercial development.

Removal or Disturbance of:

  • Less than 260 linear feet of asbestos containing material on pipes.
  • Less than 160 square feet of asbestos containing material on other facility components.
  • Less than 35 cubic feet of asbestos containing material where the length or area could not be measured.