Code Enforcement

Code enforcement staff are assigned to specific areas of the city. Please contact the Code Enforcement Inspector assigned to your area. See map for areas.

Area # Inspector Phone
1 Trevor Hess (Senior Codes Inspector) (540) 667-2368
2 Cindy Middleton (540) 667-2357
3 Caitlin Heishman (540) 667-2131

Building Official: David Parker, (540) 667-1815, ext. 1417

Enforcement Process

  1. When a complaint is received, an Inspector investigates the premises.
  2. If a violation is found, the Inspector notifies the responsible party and establishes a date for compliance.
  3. After the compliance date, a second inspection is made.  If the violation still exists, a second notice and monetary penalties may be issued and a second compliance date is set.
  4. Alternatively, the case may be referred to the City Attorney for legal proceedings.

Garbage, Trash, and Refuse

  • Improper storage of trash, garbage, litter, and debris.
  • Animal and human excreta accumulation.
  • Refrigerators and appliances.

House Numbers

  • Near building entrance and visible from street
  • Additional numbers for alley entrances
  • Color contrasts with background
  • Arabic numeral size at least FOUR (4) inches in height

Inoperative Motor Vehicles

  • Storage of junk and inoperable vehicles.

Noise Control

Call Police Department's non-emergency phone number at (540) 662-4131. Available 24/7.

  • Noise from stationary and mobile sources
  • Limits noise by time of day for construction, use of power equipment, and other activities

Property Maintenance Code

Spot Blight Abatement

  • Purpose: To address properties in neighborhoods throughout the City in need of repairs or more extensive attention to remove blighting influences.
  • Serves: All properties located within City limits.
  • Description: City code states that a “blighted property” is one that “endangers the public’s health, safety, or welfare because the structure or improvement upon the property is dilapidated, deteriorated, or violates minimum health and safety standards…”  The Spot Blight Abatement program identifies condemned, vacant, or unsafe properties which can be rehabilitated or refurbished in order to improve neighborhood safety.

Weeds and Foreign Growth

  • Owners obligated to maintain property
  • Keep grass less than ten (10) inches in height


  • Permitted uses of land
  • Home occupations
  • Zoning Use Permits for commercial and home businesses
  • Minimum lot size
  • Height and location of structures and density
  • Auto, trailer, and commercial vehicle parking
  • Obstruction of sidewalks and streets
  • Fences
  • Non-conformity and variances
  • Signs
  • Corner vision obstructions