New Construction - 1 or 2 Family Dwelling

Required for all Building Permit Applications for New Single Family Dwellings:

  • Land Disturbance Permit
  • Plot Plan
  • Estimated value of construction (materials and labor) for the work covered by this permit.
  • Name and address of any Mechanics Lien Agent involved with this project.
  • Two sets of complete building plans showing:
    • Size (thickness and width), depth and locations of all footings
    • Amount of unbalanced fill around the foundation walls
    • If a crawl space is to be used, show locations of all vents, access doors, and the height of the crawl space.
    • Wall construction details including stud size and spacing, window and door header details, and exterior wall covering
    • Floor construction details including size, span, spacing and wood species of all floor girders, floor joist, and subfloor
    • Roofing details, including the size, span, spacing, slope and wood species of all rafters.  If engineered roof trusses are to be used, indicate this on the plans.
    • Riser height, tread depth and handrail information for all stairs
    • Sizes of all bedroom/sleeping room windows
    • Location of all fuel burning appliances and electric panels
    • Structural details of all decks, fireplaces, garages, carports and accessory buildings
    • All plans must include the name, address and occupation of the person who prepared the plans