Remodeling - Residential

Required for all Building Permit Applications for Remodeling Residential Dwellings:

  • Estimated value of construction (materials and labor) for the work covered by this permit
  • Name and address of any Mechanics Lein Agent involved with this project
  • Two sets of complete building plans showing:
    • Show the layout of the area to be renovated as it is before the renovation.
    • Show the layout of the area to be renovated after the renovation.
    • Identify the old and new uses of areas being altered.
    • If the renovation involves a bedroom or bathroom, show the location and size of any doors and windows.
    • Show the locations of all load bearing structural members, including girders, piers and columns, bearing walls and headers.
    • If structural members (above) are to be altered, show how the structural integrity will be maintained.
    • Any unusual construction should be designed by design professionals.

Because of the wide variety of remodeling work performed within dwellings, it is difficult to have an "all inclusive" of information needed to apply for a permit. Plans need to include enough information to be allow for a complete review.  These general guidelines should be used in preparing plans for review.