Storage Tanks

Required for all Permit Applications for Installation and Removal of Storage Tanks:

  • Owner's name and address.
  • If work is contracted, a valid Virginia State Contractor's License and City Business License.
  • Estimated cost of materials and labor.
  • A plot plan showing the proposed location of the tank installation or removal.  Show the location of property lines and any structures on the lot.

General Information

Permits and inspections are required by the 2009 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC) for the installation, removal, repair or closure of all storage tanks used to store any of the following: combustible or flammable liquids, motor fuels, heating oil, LP gas, and used motor oil.

Types of Tanks:

Residential and non-commercial storage tanks - Includes all tanks located above or below ground used to store flammable liquids, motor fuels, heating oil, or LP gas for non-commercial purposes.

Underground Storage Tanks or UST (Note: Additional State and Federal regulations apply)Any storage tank and underground pipes connected thereto that is used to contain an accumulation of regulated substances (i.e. heating oil, gas, motor fuels, etc.) in which 10% or more of the tank is located below ground is classified as an underground storage tank