CDBG/HOME Funds Public Input Sessions

Wed, 05/10/2023 - 13:00

Per Title 24 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 Consolidated Submissions for Community Planning and Development Programs and the City of Winchester’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Citizen Participation Plan, the City of Winchester Consortium seeks to obtain the views of all citizens of the community before drafting the 2023-2027 Consolidated Plan and  2023 Annual Action Plan.

The purpose of this notice is to seek input from all stakeholders in the Northern Shenandoah Valley on using Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds toward community development and housing needs.

2023 HUD Totals

  • Community Development Block Grant funds total $250,138 for the 2023 grant year
  • HOME Investment Partnership funds total $688,202 for the 2023 grant year

Community Input Sessions

Virtual Sessions (WebEx):

In-Person Session:

  • May 20, 10 am-12 pm
  • Rouss City Hall, 15 N. Cameron Street

Questions? Contact Nasser Rahimzadeh via email or phone (540-667-1815, ext. 1433).