Central Downtown Infrastructure

The City will be replacing all underground utility infrastructure and repaving the following downtown streets. 

Street From To Status
North Loudoun Fairfax Wyck Complete
South Loudoun Cork Gerrard TBD
Washington Boscawen Amherst Complete
Washington Amherst Piccadilly Road work complete
Sidewalk replacements began 9/12/22
Amherst Braddock Boscawen Complete
Stewart Boscawen Amherst Complete
Morgan All   Started 8/8/22
Piccadilly Morgan Washington Starting summer 2022
Joist Hite Neighborhood Joist Hite, Stonewall, Academy, Shirley, Latane, Lee   TBD
West Cork Stewart Academy TBD


Construction began in early March 2020 on N. Loudoun Street, however, several aspects of this project were delayed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated budget constraints. Projects with a status of TBD are waiting for funding.

Road closures are expected when work is occurring. Visit the City's Road Closure web page for announcements.

Total project bid is $13.9M.