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Welcome to Citibot

Citibot is an interactive, civic engagement and customer service text-based program. Using text messaging, Citibot can help residents report a city issue and search online for answers to their questions about City government services, programs and events. Just text "hello" to the Winchester Citibot at 540-701-3311 and start a conversation, ask a question or request a service (City 311) and Citibot will respond and keep you informed.

How to Use Citibot

  1. Text "hello" to 540-701-3311
  2. Ask a question or enter a service request (be specific)
  3. Follow any prompts from Citibot
  4. Citibot will provide you the information or submit your request to City staff for handling
  5. If you asked a question and Citibot cannot find the answer, you can submit your question directly to City staff
  6. If you submitted a request, Citibot will let you know when it has been completed

Types of Services Requests

  • City tree issue
  • Construction without a permit
  • Dead animal notification
  • Fire hydrant issue
  • Graffiti
  • Illicit discharge (illegal dumping into storm drains)
  • Inoperable vehicle
  • New recycling bin needed
  • Pothole
  • Residential overcrowding
  • Stormwater drainage issue
  • Street light out
  • Street sign down or missing
  • Tall grass
  • Traffic signal issue
  • Trash on property
  • Vacant buildings (more than one year)
  • Vehicle untagged
  • Water/sewer service issue (emergency hotline: 540-686-7173)
  • Water/sewer/trash collection billing issue

Citibot Contact

Amy Simmons
Communications Director
(540) 667-1815, ext. 1670