City announces changes to recycling collection service

Wed, 01/02/2019 - 16:15

Due to rapidly evolving changes in the national recycling markets, the City of Winchester’s local recycling vendor is no longer accepting glass and some plastics. The City is currently researching and considering all other options to continue providing this important service and will be conducting a refuse and recycling study in the coming months (included in the FY19 budget). Unfortunately, until a different solution is found, the city’s glass and plastics #3-7 will not be recycled (see chart below for an explanation of the different kinds of plastics).

Plastics explanation

In order to minimize impacts to residents and businesses, curbside recycling collection will continue operating as normal. Winchester residents and businesses can continue to place all recyclable materials in their recycle bin. However, any glass and plastics #3-7 that is collected curbside by Public Works will be sorted and transported to the landfill by the City’s current recycling vendor. For more information about the City’s recycling service, visit

To reduce waste, the City’s Recycling Coordinator, Michael Neese, encourages residents to purchase products in plastics #1 or #2 or aluminum: “Remember to buy products with the end goal in mind.”

“We are hopeful that the refuse and recycling service study, in addition to evaluating and recommending operational improvements for overall efficiency, will produce options to allow the City to continue offering this service for our residents,” stated City Manager Eden Freeman. “We want to be good stewards for the environment and being able to recycle a wide variety of materials is one way to do that.”