City completes Health Equity Pilot Program, distributes PPE in underserved areas

Thu, 10/15/2020 - 16:45

Over the past two months, the City of Winchester has participated in the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s new Health Equity Pilot Program. The program provided staff training, personal protective equipment (PPE) and public health information for distribution in underserved and vulnerable areas in Winchester, especially in areas in need and at risk of contracting COVID-19.

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to distribute these much needed materials throughout the city,” stated Scott Kensinger, Emergency Management Coordinator. “It took a lot of staff hours to bag and deliver the materials, but it’s worth it as we hope the effort helps to continue slowing the spread of COVID-19 in our area.”

Governor Ralph Northam announced the formation of the Health Equity Pilot Program on May 11, 2020. The Health Equity Task Force used a data-driven approach to identify communities across the Commonwealth that would benefit from receiving the materials. Eligible communities were identified using indicators such as chronic diseases, household income, age, disability status, and other important health factors. More than 40 localities, including Winchester, were selected for the pilot program.

The City of Winchester distributed hand sanitizer, cloth masks and health safety information in English and Spanish to the below locations/events:

Date Event/Entity # Masks # Sanitizer Description
9/15/20 VDH Flu Shot Fair 468 468 117 Family Packs
9/16/20 Grafton 92 92 23 Family Packs
9/16/20 Migrant Camp 240 240 Single Packs, Seasonal worker canvas
9/29/20 Rescue Mission 225 225 Single Packs
9/29/20 WinTran 75 75 75 Single Packs
10/2/20 United Way NSV 75 75 75 Single Packs for door-to-door canvasing
10/2/20 Adult Care Center 20 0 Family Packs, Masks
10/6/20 WPS - Garland A. Quarles ES 1,492 1,492 373 Family Packs sent home with every student
10/6/20 WPS - VA Ave Charlotte DeHart ES 1.520 1,520 380 Family Packs sent home with every student
10/6/20 WPS - John Kerr ES 2.028 2,028 507 Family Packs sent home with every student
10/6/20 WPS - Frederick Douglas ES, Daniel Morgan & JHHS 2,850 2,850 Single Packs given to each student
10/8/20 VDH Flu Shot Fair 158 158 150 Single Packs, 2 Family Packs, 100 Single Packs
10/15/20 Aids Response Effort Health Fair 100 100 100 Single Packs
10/15/20 C-CAP 705 705 120 Family Packs, 225 Single Packs
10/15/20 Kids Club 300 0 100 Family Packs, Masks

WPS=Winchester Public Schools, VDH=Virginia Department of Health

staff preparing bags and examples of PPE