City launches new glass recycling program

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 13:15

As of today, the City's new glass recycling program is accepting glass at five designated locations. Now, local residents can drop off their glass at any of these recycling stations at their convenience and know they are doing good by keeping glass out of the landfill. Glass recycling is not being accepted curbside at this time.

Drop off Stations:

Click here for a map of the locations (subject to change as we evaluate the program and initial setup).

  1. Frederick Douglass Park (617 Smithfield Ave)
  2. Whittier Park (900 Whittier Ave)
  3. Park Place Park (2024 Harvest Dr)
  4. Weaver Park (167 Bruce Dr)
  5. Jim Barnett Park (parking lot between Cork Street and the BMX track)

Prohibited Items:

  • Trash
  • All other recyclable materials
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramics
  • Light bulbs

Using stimulus funding earlier this year, the City purchased a glass crusher and the machine was installed last week ($64,372 includes shipping and installation). The machine can crush one ton per hour which will be used for City construction projects, filling sand bags and temporary road barricades, and more.

Fact: When glass was collected curbside, city residents and businesses recycled an average of five tons per month.

"It is our hope that we collect enough glass to one day be able to offer it to residents and businesses to use for their own projects," stated Justin Hall, Public Works Division Manager.

Questions? Please contact Public Works at 540-773-1340 or email.