City Manager to implement some administrative changes

Tue, 09/06/2022 - 11:30

To improve the efficiency of operations, the City Manager Dan Hoffman is reorganizing several administrative functions and positions.

The involved staff members include:

  • Police Chief, John Piper
  • Human Resources Director, Paula Nofsinger
  • Innovation & Information Services Director, Tyler Schenck
  • Program Manager, Patrick Elwell

Chief Piper is being promoted to Deputy City Manager of Public Safety and will oversee all public safety functions (police, fire, emergency management, juvenile detention, and social services). His new office will be in City Hall and a new Police Chief will be selected. The position will be posted internally only, and a new Police Chief is expected to be in place by November 1.

Patrick Elwell’s position will be re-classified to Public Safety Administration Manager, reporting to the Deputy City Manager of Public Safety. Patrick will support daily administrative functions, policy research and development, and oversee various public safety programs and initiatives.

Paula Nofsinger is being promoted to Chief of Staff and will handle many of the administrative duties of the City Manager’s Office, including policy development, legislative affairs, non-public safety grants, operation of the City’s new wellness center, and Human Resources.

Tyler Schenck’s title is being changed to Chief Information Officer. In addition to managing the City’s internal computer network, software, and computer systems, the Innovation and Information Services Department (aka Information Technology) will evolve over time into a more public-facing department. Staff will organize and hold community workshops and demonstrations on current and new City technology (such as drone usage, traffic signals, online programs, and more).

These staff changes do not require Council approval. However, members are aware, and the changes will be discussed at the Finance Committee meeting at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, September 6. No new personnel are being hired.

“I’ve taken the last two years to observe the many talented staff and operations of the City government,” stated Mr. Hoffman. “I believe these changes will make a positive difference in our efficiency and overall management of the City’s high-performing operations, which is one of our strategic plan goals.”