Tax Rates and Fees

Tax Rates

Real Estate  $0.91 per $100.00 of assessed value
Personal Property  $4.50 per $100.00 of assessed value
Business Personal Property  $4.50 per $100.00 of assessed value
Machinery and Tools  $1.30 per per $100.00 of assessed value
Virginia State Sales Tax  5.3 percent
City of Winchester Meals Tax  6.0 percent
Combined Sales Tax and City Meals Tax  11.3 percent
City of Winchester Transient Lodging Tax  6.0 percent

Vehicle Registration Fees

Passenger Cars & Trucks Gross Weight
10,000 Lbs. and Under 
$25.00 each
Vehicles with National Guard Plates
(limit 2) 
$12.00 each
Trucks Gross Weight Over 10,000 Lbs.  $36.00
All 2 or 3 Wheel Motorized Cycles  $1.30 per per $100.00 of assessed value
Antique Vehicles
(Must have Antique Plates) 
Disabled Veterans  No registration fee on one vehicle/year

NOTE: A penalty of $5.00 will be assessed on the registration fee if the taxpayer fails to register a vehicle within 45 days upon purchasing the vehicle or within 45 days of moving into the City of Winchester. In addition to the $5.00 penalty, there will be a 10% penalty added to their first personal property tax bill.