Commissioner of the Revenue now accepting Real Estate Tax Relief applications

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 16:15

The City of Winchester Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office (COR) is now accepting 2020 applications for real estate tax relief for the elderly or disabled. Full or partial tax relief is available to homeowners who are either permanently disabled or 65+ of age, and who meet income limits and other filing requirements.

“The real estate tax relief program provides valuable assistance, particularly during this difficult time,” stated Commissioner of the Revenue Ann Burkholder. “Therefore, we will work with residents as best as we can regarding normal filing requirements. We encourage applicants to file as soon as possible with whatever supporting documentation they have readily available.”

Forms are available online and the Commissioner has already mailed 2020 forms to prior year applicants. Please note that a new application is required annually in order to be eligible for benefits.

The 2020 qualifying levels remain unchanged:

  • Net Financial Worth - Not exceeding $75,000, excluding value of principal dwelling and lot, up to one acre.
  • Income - Tax relief exemptions are based upon the annual gross household income brackets.
  • Tax Relief Maximum - At any qualifying level, the maximum relief amount is $1,500.

Residents are encouraged to file as close to the April 1 deadline as possible. Options for submitting completed forms are as follows:

  • Mail - P.O. Box 546, Winchester, VA 22604
  • Fax - 540-667-8937
  • Email -
  • Drop box - Outside the Creamery building, 21 S. Kent Street (look for the glass entryway facing the parking lot entrance) 

For assistance, please contact COR staff at 540-667-1815 and select option 6 when prompted.