Victim Services

General Services

The Victim/Witness Program (V/W) may provide the following services to victims of a crime in the City of Winchester, VA:

  • Send an initial letter to the victim(s) listed in the police report informing them of their rights and available services
  • Check if there is any restitution due to the victim either in the form of medical bills or stolen or destroyed property
  • Prepare a restitution statement for the court so that the judge may order repayment to the victim
  • Explain to the victim the judicial process and the options available
  • Notify the victim of upcoming court dates and what is expected of them
  • Help the victim file a claim with Virginia Victim's Fund to have medical expenses, loss of wages, etc. considered for payment
  • Give courtroom tours
  • Provide direct referrals to other agencies (i.e. police department, social services, Laurel Center, etc.)
  • Help prepare a Victim Impact Statement to be used by the judge when sentencing in felony cases
  • Escort victim to trial and give courtroom support
  • Notify victim or witness of court proceedings, including continuances, trials and sentencing
  • Notify victim of outcome of case and if restitution was ordered
  • Register a victim with "VINE" - prisoner release notification system 

There are many other services that are provided as required by the Victims' Bill of Rights. As a victim or witness of a crime in the City of Winchester, VA, you are entitled to these services. Please call V/W staff at 540-722-7940.

Victim/Witness Handbook

Victim/Witness Handbook

Domestic Violence Services

The V/W Program will provide you with victim services if you are a victim of domestic violence. For additional assistance, please contact The Laurel Center.

24-hour Hotline: 540-667-6466

The Laurel Center Intervention for Domestic and Sexual Violence believes no one should live with violence or the fear of violence. The Laurel Center empowers victims of domestic and sexual violence by providing emergency housing, advocacy, support services, and education. 

Financial Services

The Virginia Victims Fund (VVF) is a state program created to help victims of violent crime with out of pocket expenses. These can include medical bills, prescriptions, funeral expenses, and many others.​

VVF is funded by fines and fees collected from offenders. No tax dollars are used.

While money can never erase the scars and painful memories of a crime, this program may ease some of the financial burdens faced by victims and their families.

Restitution may cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Insurance deductibles
  • Property loss

NOTE: Restitution will NOT cover pain and suffering.

Restitution Form

Online Form | Download a PDF Form

Victim Impact Statement

The Victim Impact Statement (VIS) gives the victims of crime a voice. It is  a chance to be heard and tell how the crime has affected you and the people who are close to you. After filling out the statement, you will have told how the crime has affected your life physically, emotionally, and financially.   ​

During the court proceedings if the defendant is found guilty or pleads guilty, the judge can use the impact statement to help better understand the effects the crime has had on the life of not only you, but the people closest to you. ​

Click here for a VIS sample.

If you need any assistance filling out the statement, or have any further questions about it please do not hesitate to call Winchester Victim Witness at (540)-722-7940.

Case Follow-Up

Use the online Case Follow-up Form to supply additional information or ask questions regarding the status of your case being worked by the Winchester Victim Witness Program.

Case Follow-up Form