Communications Feedback

The City of Winchester strives to keep the community informed about operations, services, projects and events. We have many communications tools that are used regularly and local residents, property owners and business owners are encouraged to sign up or check these tools often for updates.

Please take the short survey to tell us what you want us to keep you informed about and how.

City's Communications Tools


Social Media 

For Social Media
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Notification System

  • Emergency alerts
  • Non-emergency notices:
    • Trash and recycling collection schedule changes
    • Snow Plan activation/deactivation
    • Scheduled road closures
    • City facility closures
    • Weather alerts

Click here to register for the City's notification system (remember to OPT-IN for non-emergency alerts under "subscriptions").

publiCITY News Show

publiCITY is the City's news show hosted by Barry Lee and posted on social media, online and on cable channel 6.

Other Online Sources

Annual Informational Calendar

The City's annual information calendar includes public meetings, trash and recycling holiday schedule, events, City information and much more. Available in December each year. Free.

Comcast Cable Channel 6

The City's government access channel broadcasts City Council meetings live and provides information about services and events 24/7.

OpenGov Transparency Portal

Explore the City's budget in real time and see how your tax dollars are spent with the OpenGov Transparency Portal. Also, the "Stories" section provides information on projects, strategic plan progress reports and more.

Property Search Portal

Find information about your property via the City's online property search portal. Search by physical address for information such as leaf collection area, school zone, tax information, refuse/recycling collection day, zoning district, and much more.

City 3-1-1 Service Request Portal and FAQs

Submit service requests via the City's 3-1-1 online service request portal. Requests such as missed refuse collection day, new recycle bin, pothole, street light out, and more can be submitted and tracked using this system. Convenient access to the portal is available online or via the City's mobile app. A frequently asked questions knowledgebase is also available on the portal.

Mobile App

Download the City's mobile app for easy access to information, frequently used sections of the City's website, and the 3-1-1 Service Request Portal. 

Citizen Academies

Public Meetings

All City Council and the City's boards and commission meetings are open to the public. Click here for the meeting calendar

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Communications Department
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(540) 667-1815, ext. 1670