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About CPMT

The Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) is made up of the agency heads or their designees from the local Department of Social Services, School System, Community Services Board (Mental Health), Department of Youth and Family Services (Juvenile Justice), the local Health Department, a parent who does not work for any agency which receives pool funds, a private provider representative, and at least one elected or appointed official (or designee) from the governing body of a participating locality which is a member of the team. This team has administrative and fiscal responsibility for the local funds pool, is responsible for the development of local policy and procedure, and appoints the members of the Family Assessment and Planning Team. In addition to those required by law, the local governing body may appoint additional members to the CPMT as deemed appropriate.

CPMT Members

Member Title/Organization
Dan Hoffman City Manager
John Piper Deputy City Manager of Public Safety
Amber Dopkowski WDSS Director
Mike Elwell NWCSB, Exec. Director
Leea Shirley Lord Fairfax Health Dept.
VACANT Parent Representative
Hayley Mullins WPS Director of Special Education
Jerry Stollings 26th District Court Service Unit
Christian Rousseau Private Provider Rep

Meeting Agendas

Meetings are held monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 3:00 pm at 24 Baker Street.

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Serving on the Team

If you're interested in volunteering to serve on the Winchester CPMT, please apply online via our portal.


About FAPT

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) comprises of staff from the same agencies as the CPMT and a parent representative. Participation of a private provider or an appointed elected official is not required (but encouraged) on the FAPT. These teams work with the families to develop the Individual Family Services Plan (IFSP). If services beyond what are available in the participating agencies are needed, they may be purchased from the local pool.

The FAPT is currently seeking Parent Representatives. Listed below are the Parent Representative description and application. Please submit your completed application via email.


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