Family Services

In 1993, Congress passed and began implementation of a new federal Family Preservation and Family Support Services Program. The program was part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, which established a new subpart 2 to Title IV-B of the Social Security Act. The Act provides services that:

  1. Promote family strength and stability
  2. Enhance parental functioning
  3. Protect children, and
  4. Assess and make changes in state and local service delivery systems.

Family Preservation Services are services intended to help families whose children are in imminent danger of abuse, neglect, or out-of-home placement.

Family Support Services are services designed to enhance the family.

Some of the Family Preservation monies are used to assist in program development of new initiative in the community. There are some restrictions to both funding streams. They are defined as primarily prevention funding, and are to be used to prevent children coming into foster care or reducing the time children spend in foster care.