Social Services Advisory Board

The Social Services Advisory Board advises the City Manager and the Human Services Team leader on all issues related to the formulation of policy or implementation of programs intended to serve the social welfare of local residents.

The Social Services Advisory Board is a group of no fewer than five and no more than thirteen individuals (City Code currently authorizes up to 9 members) appointed by the local governing body to assist the local director in the an advisory capacity. The Board has an interest in all matters pertaining to public assistance, and social services needed by the people of the community. The Board submits an annual report to the governing body concerning the programs administered by the department as well as any other reports it deems necessary. It is also responsible for helping the department administer an effective EEO/Affirmative Action Plan. Members serve four year terms, and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Meetings: Held the fourth Thursday every other month at 4:00 pm in the Winchester Department of Social Services, Conference Room, 24 Baker Street. Click the button below for upcoming or archives agendas and minutes.

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