EPCRA Tier II Reporting

For Business Owners and Facility Managers:

Submission of Tier II reports is required under Section 312 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA). The purpose of this report is to provide State, local officials, and the public with specific information on potential hazards. This includes the locations and amounts of hazardous chemicals present at your facility during the previous calendar year.  Click here for more information about chemical inventory reporting and quantities.

Virginia follows the federal requirements for EPCRA reporting, and there are no fees associated with filing Tier II reports for Virginia. EPCRA Section 311 requires a facility to submit a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or a list of chemicals for any hazardous chemical stored or used above specific quantities. EPCRA Section 312 requires the facility to further submit a Tier I or Tier II report to the Virginia Emergency Response Council (VERC) and the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) by March 1st each year for the activities occurring in the preceding year.

The Winchester/Frederick County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) has three ways to submit Tier II Reports:

  • Electronic (preferred): Facilities can submit their Tier II Reports to the LEPC electronically by completing a Tier II Report in the Tier2Submit software. To submit your report by this method, save your Tier II report(s) in the Tier2Submit software as a .t2s file and email it as an attachment to lepc@winchesterva.gov, along with a signed copy of your certification letter. The Tier II Submit software can be downloaded for FREE from  the EPA website. (click here)
  • Manual (.pdf): Facilities can also submit a .pdf copy of their Tier II report by sending the .pdf file of their Tier II report, along with a signed certification letter, to  lepc@winchesterva.gov.
  • Manual (Hard copy): Facilities can also submit their Tier II report by sending a hard copy, along with a signed certification letter, to the address listed below.

Note: Tier II report submission must also be made to the Virginia DEQ and the local fire department that would service your facility.  Submission instructions for these entities may vary depending on your site location(s).  Virginia requires NO PAYMENT for Tier II Report submissions.

Winchester-Frederick Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC):
City of Winchester Emergency Management
Attn: Emergency Management Coordinator
301 E. Cork Street
Winchester, VA 22601
Phone: 540-545-4721
Email: lepc@winchesterva.gov