EMS Revenue Recovery Program

The City of Winchester adopted the Revenue Recovery Program (RRP) on July 1, 2006. The Winchester Fire and Rescue (WFRD) Revenue Recovery Program is based on concern for the medical and financial health of city residents. We have designed this program to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses for city residents while committing to passionately deliver excellent pre-hospital care and protecting the safety and health of the public. 

If you need to provide Insurance information regarding your transport or have specific questions about your bill, please contact the City’s billing agency, Intermedix, at 1-888-987-2057. You may also contact Winchester Fire and Rescue directly at (540) 662-2298.

EMS Billing

Pay your EMS bill online or call 833-977-8728.

EMS Billing Waiver Form

Requesting EMS Incident Report – Protected Health Information

All EMS Incident Reports are Protected Health Information (PHI), that is covered under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  You or your authorized representative have the right to inspect or obtain a copy of your EMS Incident Report.

Request your incident report by:  

  • Written request to Winchester Fire & Rescue, 21 South Kent Street, Suite 301, Winchester, VA 22601
  • Verbally in person at 21 South Kent Street, Suite 301, Winchester, VA 22601 or via phone at (540) 662-2298 
  • Electronically via email

Forms and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Revenue Recovery Program (RRP) billing work?

The City of Winchester has a Contract with a third party billing agency, Intermedix, whom handles all aspects of our billing program. After patient care is provided and you are transferred to ER staff, insurance information will be obtained, primarily from Winchester Medical Center. Any available insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Auto etc.) will be billed. Residents will receive statement for their insurance copay or deductible. Uninsured residents will receive a statement for the full cost of service. The City of Winchester has adopted a compassionate payment program where financial hardships will be considered.

What are the charges for our services?

Charges include (updated 2023):

  • Basic Life Support (BLS) Transport Base Rate - $538
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) Transport Base Rate - $639
  • Advanced Life Support, Level 2 (ALS2) Transport Base Rate - $924
  • Mileage (per loaded mile, from pickup location to hospital) - $10

If I do not have health insurance, and cannot pay my bill, what options do I have?

Patients transported who do not have health insurance may request financial hardship. A Transport Fee Waiver Request Form can be completed by the patient and will be reviewed by the EMS Billing Manager for approval. Approval for Financial assistance is established by State Poverty Guideline.

Will visitors or non-city residents be charged?

Yes, they will be charged the same as city residents.

What if my insurance will not cover my ambulance transport bill?

The City’s billing service will attempt to gain all information required to show the medical necessity of the transport. However, if the claim is ultimately denied, the Department will consider the charge as patient responsibility. A financial hardship request may be requested at this time.

I receive requests from Volunteer Fire Departments (Friendship, Rouss, Shawnee & South End) for donations. Does this replace volunteer funding?

No! The money collected from this program will allow for the growth of our fire and rescue staff. The volunteer stations will receive some financial support from the program, but the majority of this support will go towards capital and operating expenses. These stations rely on donations received from the community and fund raising to operate.

How will my privacy be protected?

All Department members (Career and Volunteer) have been trained on patient privacy laws provided by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our department will strictly adhere to those standards. Click here for our current Privacy Notice

Who can I call if I have billing or insurance question?

Our current Billing Agency, Digitech, has Patient Account Representatives available to answer any questions at 888-987-2057. You may also contact us locally at 540-662-2298 for assistance. 

Filing a HIPAA Complaint

There are two ways to submit a HIPAA complaint: 1) To Winchester Fire & Rescue, or 2) Office for Civil Rights.

Submitting to WFRD

You have the right to make a complaint directly to the HIPAA Compliance Officer of Winchester Fire & Rescue concerning our compliance with any of our established HIPAA policies and procedures, uses or disclosures of your PHI, or about our compliance with HIPAA.

All complaints should be directed to our HIPAA Compliance Officer at the following address, or phone number:

Winchester Fire & Rescue
Attn: HIPAA Compliance Officer
21 South Kent Street, Ste. 301
Winchester, VA 26201

Submitting to the Government

The Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) enforces HIPAA. If you believe that we are not complying with the applicable requirements of HIPAA, you may file a complaint with OCR. Complaints to OCR must:

  • Be filed in writing, either on paper or electronically, by mail, fax, or e-mail;
  • Name the covered entity involved and describe the acts or omissions you believe violated the requirements of HIPAA; and
  • Be filed within 180 days of when you knew that the act or omission complained of occurred, unless OCR extends the 180-day period for "good cause."

For more information, go to OCR’s website.