Community Risk Reduction

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The mission of the City of Winchester Community Risk Reduction Division is to prevent injury, loss of life, damage, or loss of property due to fire or related health and safety hazards by proactively identifying and correcting conditions that contributes to the cause and spread of fire or damage to the environment.

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Office Responsibilities

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for enforcing the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code as well as applicable sections within the Code of Winchester.  Through a comprehensive combination of code enforcement and education, fire inspection personnel work with property owners and occupants to eliminate fire hazards that are found in commercial properties and other public buildings.  They also issue permits for activities such as public fireworks displays, explosive use and storage and explosives transportation as well as mobile food preparation vehicles and all commercial cooking facilities.  With the help from the operations division, the Fire and Rescue Department conduct an average of 1200 inspections a year. 

Investigator Responsibilities

Investigators assigned to the Fire Marshal’s Office are responsible for investigating all fires, explosions, explosives, and threats to bomb and burn.  They may also be called to investigate and prosecute other related crimes committed in conjunction with one of the above incidents to include environmental issues.  All uniformed personnel assigned to the Fire Marshal’s Office are sworn law enforcement officers and work closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Community Outreach Programs

Winchester Fire and Rescue’s public education offers a variety of community education opportunities designed to help our citizens stay safe. Please call the Fire and Rescue Department administrative office at 540-662-2298 at least two weeks in advance for more information and to schedule a community outreach event. 

Click here for more information about the below community outreach programs.

  • Child safety seat installation 
  • Fire station tour 
  • Fire prevention month school / pre-school visit
  • Fire extinguisher training 
  • Campus fire safety training
  • Civic organization fire safety training
  • Smoke Alarm Program
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Program
  • Remembering When and Elder Care
  • Community Connect

Community Connect (Video)

Car Seat Info Session (Video)

Child Safety Seat Recall List

Click the button below to view the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Child Seat Recall List.

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Working Smoke Detectors Can Save Your Life (Video)

Can You Burn It? Quiz 

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Fire Marshal ShieldFire Code Enforcement

Blasting Updates

Click here to view any current blasting projects and the schedule.

Code Compliance Guidelines 

  • CCG-001 Controlled Open Burning (Permit and fee required)
  • CCG-002 Panic and Fire Exit Hardware 
  • CCG-003 Permissible Fireworks 
  • CCG-004 Vendor/Exhibitor Guidelines
  • CCG-005 Propane Cylinder Exchange Stations
  • CCG-006 Welding and Other Hot Work
  • CCG-007 Fireworks Display/Pyrotechnics/Special Effects (Permit and fee required) 
  • CCG-008 Proximate Audience Pyrotechnics (Permit and fee required)
  • CCG-009 Recreational Fires
  • CCG-010 Bonfires (Permit and fee required)
  • CCG-011 Fire Art Performances (Permit)
  • CCG-013 Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles (Permit)
  • CCG-014 Portable Outdoor Gas-Fired Heaters
  • CCG-015 Underground Fire Line Installation Guidelines
  • CCG-016 New Business Inspections

Fire Prevention Code Permit Applications 

Permit Form/Application Link
Open Burning Download
Explosives Blasting Download
Explosives Transportation Download
Fire Art Performances Download
Fire Protection Permit/Plan Review Revised 11/21/23 Download
Fireworks Aerial Display  Download
Indoor Pyrotechnic Special Effects Download
Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Download
Retail Sale Permissible Fireworks Download

Important Links

Resource Link
Code of Virginia Website
Dept. of Housing & Community Development Website
International Code Council Website
National Fire Protection Association Website
Winchester City Code Website
Virginia Fire Marshal's Office Website
Virginia Fire Prevention Association Website

Make a 100 degree difference

photo of Fire Marshal Jeremy Luttrell

Jeremy Luttrell
Deputy Chief / Fire Marshal Community Risk Reduction

Winchester Fire and Rescue
21 S. Kent Street, Suite 301
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 662-2298
Fax: (540) 542-1318

photo of Deputy Fire Marshal Caleb Sherwood

Caleb Sherwood
Deputy Fire Marshal / Lieutenant of Community Risk Reduction

Winchester Fire and Rescue
21 S. Kent Street, Suite 301
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 662-2298
Fax: (540) 542-1318