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Winchester EMT/Firefighters perform challenging and rewarding work preventing, combating, and extinguishing fire, as well as providing emergency medical services to the community. This work involves duties of protecting life and property through the performance of EMS and firefighting activities.

As an employee of the Winchester Fire & Rescue Department, you can expect many opportunities for growth within the first five years of on-boarding. The WFRD provides and aggressively supports numerous career and training opportunities.

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Career Positions

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Join an award-winning department. Become a Firefighter/EMT or Paramedic with the City of Winchester. Click here to learn more.

You've Seen Us 


Becoming a volunteer firefighter, EMT or administrator with one of our four volunteer stations provides you with an opportunity to get acquainted with fire and gain valuable training and experience.

To learn more on how to get involved, please visit one of our four fire stations or the Volunteers web page and begin to make a difference for you and the community. 

Ride-Along Program

The Ride-Along program is designed to provide EMS students or observers the opportunity to witness field operations and/or perform EMS skills as a student to meet/obtain competency requirements as authorized by their level of instruction/certification. An EMS student or ALS Trainee may participate in the Ride-Along program if they are enrolled in and pursuing a professional certificate, associate degree or higher program in EMS from a college, or other program that is accredited/recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services to provide EMS education or if they are affiliated with a licensed EMS agency within the Lord Fairfax EMS Council region.  Click here to apply. 


Deputy Chief James Orndorff

James "J.D." Orndorff

Assistant Chief

(540) 662-2298

Lt Adam Still

Adam Still

Battalion Chief

Training and Professional Development Division
(540) 662-2298