The most commonly used tools by local government for the transaction of public business include Resolutions and Ordinances. The local requirements for Ordinances and Resolutions are set forth in Article III of the Winchester City Code §2-61 through 2-67.

Resolutions and Ordinances are similar as both involve the approval/adoption by motion, second and majority vote of Council of a formal document that recites in detail, the provisions being approved or adopted. Additionally, in Winchester, both must be reviewed and approved by the City Manager for inclusion on an Agenda, and both are reviewed and approved as to form by the City Attorney prior to formal presentation to the governing body.

Unlike Ordinances, Resolutions are generally less formal documents that are used to express the will and desires of the public body and/or to direct a public officer or officers to take some public action.

In Winchester, a Resolution is generally routed through an appropriate committee of the Council, and then considered for adoption at the next Regular Meeting of Common Council. Resolutions are approved by simple majority vote taken after the President calls for and receives a Motion and Second. A Resolution may also be approved in summary form if it is included on a Council Consent Agenda.