Green Circle Trail Sections

NOTE: Narrative below and mile markers reflect a counterclockwise path of movement on the loop trail.

Green Circle Trail Mileage Map

University Area

Mile Markers: 0.0 to 0.3

Public Parking: Jim Barnett Park (Lowery Tennis Courts), Winchester-Frederick County Visitor's Center

This section extends from the intersection of E. Jubal Early Drive and Millwood Avenue (in front of Hampton Inn) to Wilkins Lake just south fo where the trail crosses over Town Run. It includes the section of trail along University Drive, the main entrance to Shenandoah University.

Town Run Linear Park

Mile Markers: 0.3 to 1.09

Public Parking: Jim Barnett Park, Winchester-Frederick County Visitor's Center or at Shawnee Springs Preserve

Town Run Phase 1

This section of the Green Circle meanders through Shenandoah University and Jim Barnett Park near the Winchester-Frederick County Visitor's Center (1400 S. Pleasant Valley Road), alongside historic Shawnee Springs Preserve and ends at East Pall Mall Street near Old Town Winchester. Explore the Shawnee Springs Preserve, home of Sheridan's Field Hospital, the City's old water works site and many environmental features.

Spur Trail Option: Parcourse

At mile marker 0.45, there is an opportunity to connect to the Kiwanis Parcourse, a one-mile looped fitness trail with 18 exercise stations of varying levels of performance including stretching, aerobic and muscle toning stations, in Jim Barnett Park. The Parcourse connects to the War Memorial Building/Active Living Recreation Center and amenities in Jim Barnett Park (outdoor pool, athletic facilities, playgrounds, picnic areas, dog park, and more). Also, the Parcourse connects a separate park entry path to East Cork Street that then connects to a bike/walk trail along the north side of East Cork Street adjacent to the Daniel Morgan Middle School.

The trail then crosses over S. Pleasant Valley Road up Hollingsworth Drive, then left on Opequon Avenue and then through the historic Shawnee Springs Preserve. It ends at East Pall Mall Street near the CSX Railroad trestle. Explore the Shawnee Springs Preserve, home of Sheridan's Field Hospital, the City's old water works site and many environmental features.

Spur Trail Option: Shawnee Springs Trail  

At mile marker 0.7, an alternative 0.26-mile long trail provides a more natural option in the form of a gravel trail meandering through the heart of the Springs where trail users can see remnants of the City’s old waterworks settlement basins. The two trails connect up again at mile marker 0.98 on the north end so there is no need to double-back. The main trail and the spur trail are almost the same distance.

Town Run Canyon

Mile Markers: 1.09 to 1.36

Public Parking: Court Square Autopark (South Kent Street entrance/exit) or on-street parking

Town Run Linear Park Section 2

This section is was completed and opened to the public on September 27, 2016. This segment extends along Town Run beginning at East Pall Mall Street and comes up out of the canyon by means of an accessible switchback up to East Cecil Street. In the future, the Trail will link pedestrians to the historic Patsy Cline House at 608 South Kent Street.

Old Town Winchester

Mile Markers: 1.36 to 2.18

Public Parking: Four downtown parking garages (24/7 access), on-street parking and parking lots

Old Town Section

From East Cecil Street, the Green Circle follows existing sidewalks and grid streets (S. Kent Street, E. Clifford Street, S. Cameron Street, and E. Cork Street) through Old Town Winchester including the south half of the Loudoun Street Mall. (NOTE: Bike riding is not permitted on the pedestrian mall, so bikers can either walk their bikes in this area or follow the alternative bike route along less busy historic downtown streets.) The trail departs the pedestrian mall left at W. Boscawen Street.

Bike Route Alternative: Clifford Street and Washington Street

At mile marker 1.48, bikers who do not wish to dismount should stay on Clifford Street and follow the green bike sharrow pavement markings three blocks west to S. Washington Street, then turn right (north) three blocks to where the two trails connect again at mile marker 1.93. The main trail and the bike trail are almost the same distance.

Both the main trail and the bike alternative alignment eventually link up at W. Boscawen Street and S. Washington Street just before the Amherst Street Corridor trail. The Old Town section of the trail highlights the beautiful Old Town historic district and its 35+ restaurants, 60+ shops and various museums.

Amherst Street Corridor

Mile Markers: 2.18 to 3.30

Public Parking: On street parking

Amherst Street Corridor

This 1.1-mile section of the Green Circle Trail travels along Amherst Street from Old Town Winchester through Glen Burnie and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley to the Winchester Medical Center.

Spur Trail Option: Whittier Park Connector

At mile marker 2.43, Whittier Avenue intersects Amherst Street just west of Old Town Springs, the City’s oldest public water source (small brick structure on N side of Amherst Street). Whittier Ave provides a 0.16-mile long link to Whittier Park and the Town Run Pond Basin constructed in the 1970's to prevent flooding downtown. Much of Town Run is contained within underground pipes in this area with just an intermittent surface flow.

This Amherst Street section of the trail includes a scenic stretch that extends within an easement on the Glass-Glen Burnie private property (Museum of the Shenandoah Valley) where additional springs continuously feed Town Run. Further west, the trail ties into the trail on Meadow Branch Avenue.

Spur Trail Option: deGrange Orchard Park Connector  

At mile marker 3.3, Meadow Branch Avenue intersects Amherst Street across from the east entrance into the Winchester Medical Center. Trail walkers can access the paved trail around the pond at privately-owned deGrange Orchard Park on the medical center campus by continuing straight ahead (west) 0.16 miles on the asphalt trail to the next intersection (Campus Blvd and Westside Station Drive). To access the park, cross Amherst Street at Campus Blvd and continue up the sidewalk and grass shoulder 0.16 miles to where the park entrance is located on the opposite (west) side. There is also a 0.45 mile walking trail near the center of the medical center campus around a lake that is part of the Town Run tributary.

Meadow Branch Avenue

Mile Markers: 3.30 to 4.58

Public Parking: On street parking and John Kerr Elementary School (weekends only)

Meadow Branch Avenue

From the Amherst Street Corridor trail, the Green Circle follows Meadow Branch Avenue (across from the Medical Center entrance). This segment opened on June 3, 2016 and proceeds along the east side of Meadow Branch Avenue to Buckner Drive, where the trail again follows existing sidewalks for pedestrians and makes use of bike lanes in both directions for bikers through the Meadow Branch neighborhood. Pedestrians are encouraged to switch over to the west (opposite) side of Meadow Branch Avenue at Buckner since there is incomplete sidewalk on the east side. At the south end, this segment then connects to the Jubal Drive Corridor trail where it intersects with the Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve spur trail.

Spur Trail Option: Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve

Abrams Creek Wetlands Preserve

At mile marker 4.58, there is a spur trail that extends 0.66 miles into the western part of the City’s Abrams Creek Wetland Preserve, including an elevated boardwalk section. The 25-acre preserve is home to what was originally the first established section of the Green Circle Trail, but is now a spur of it. The Virginia Division of Natural Heritage has identified more than a dozen rare Virginia plants that grow in the Preserve. Three of these plant species live nowhere else in Virginia. The spur trail begins near where Jubal Early Drive transitions into Meadow Branch Avenue at the intersection of Handley Avenue. The spur trail terminates at the scenic Merriman's and Pennypacker Springs. Trail users can double back to the Green Circle main trail (1.32 miles in and out) or use the Stonehouse Court connector in the Morlyn Hills subdivision to follow Armistead Street back to Meadow Branch Avenue (1.26 mile loop) at mile marker 4.36 of the Green Circle Trail.

Click here for more information about the Preserve.

Jubal Early Drive Corridor

Mile Markers: 4.58 to 6.17 (a.k.a. 0.0 trail origin)

Trail section coming soon

Construction began July 13, 2020. Details

NOTE: Permanent parts of this section are being constructed. Bikers may want to choose an interim ‘Share-the-Road’ alternative following Handley Avenue and Bellview Avenue to avoid biking on the 4-lane divided section of Jubal Early Drive that has no bike lanes and speed limits up to 40 mph.

For now, pedestrian trail users can follow the trail along W. Jubal Early Drive from the Abrams Creek Spur to Harvest Drive. From a point just east of Harvest Drive, pedestrians should cross to the north side of the street and use the existing sidewalk along that side of Jubal Early Drive all the way back to Millwood Avenue. The total trail distance from the origin at Millwood and Jubal early back to the origin via Jubal Early Drive is 6.17 miles.


Bikers using the interim trail along Bellview Avenue should use caution on the steep segments of Bellview Avenue between Handley Avenue and Lewis Street. The interim bike trail intersects Valley Avenue (US Rte 11) in about 0.75 miles where they can either:

  1. return to the main trail by turning right (south) 1 one block to reconnect with the trail along Jubal Early Drive or;
  2. continue east on Bellview Avenue to S. Loudoun Street and then turn south (right) onto S. Loudoun Street.

At about 1.25 miles along the interim bike trail, it reconnects with the main trail along Jubal Early Drive. Bikers wishing to avoid biking on that four-lane divided roadway can continue across the Jubal Early Drive intersection and then left onto Featherbed Lane. The trail continues along Featherbed Lane, then straight across South Pleasant Valley Road onto Shopping Center Dr, and turn left toward Toys’ R Us (along an unnamed mall roadway) and finally turn left again onto Apple Blossom Drive back to East Jubal Early Drive where it meets up with Millwood Avenue (the University Area segment in front of the Hampton Inn). The total trail distance from the origin at Millwood and Jubal Early back to the origin via the bike alternative route (Handley, Bellview, S. Loudoun, Featherbed, and the Apple Blossom Mall roads is 6.49 miles.

Handley Half Circle Trail Option

Those who don’t have time or desire to do a full 6.3+ mile-long Green Circle Trail loop or don’t want to walk/bike in the busy Jubal Early Drive/S. Pleasant Valley Road area may want to consider a “half loop” option that connects at two points on the larger Green Circle Trail and traverses the beautiful John Handley High School lawn. Near mile marker 2.0, S. Stewart Street intersects W. Boscawen Street. on the west end of Old Town. S. Stewart Street provides a direct connection to the John Handley High School grounds designed by the Olmstead Brothers, internationally renowned landscape architects. The half trail utilizes some of the many pathways crisscrossing the Handley lawn around the east and south sides of the Handley Bowl (stadium) and then extends up along Jefferson Street to the intersection of Handley Avenue. The half circle trail follows Handley Avenue to the southern terminus at the intersection of Meadow Branch Avenue near mile marker 4.55. The length of the Handley Half Circle is 1.6 miles. Together with about 2.5 miles of the main Green Circle Trail, this western half loop totals approximately 4.1 miles.