Healthy City Initiative

In 2019, Mayor John David Smith, Jr. started the Healthy City Initiative (HCI) to encourage Winchester residents to be safe and healthy so they can have productive lives for themselves and their families. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to prevent disease, lower risks and reduce injuries among Winchesterians. To achieve this goal, Mayor Smith is leading an effort to inspire a coordinated effort between the City and its partners to direct available resources in a way that puts the quality of life for all residents as the top priority.

2019 HCI Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision: Winchester, VA is a safe, healthy, thriving community.

Mission: To inspire a coordinated effort between the City and its partners to effectively channel available resources by establishing a central focus for priorities intended to improve the quality of life for all residents.


  1. Active lifestyles are supported by environments, programs, and services that encourage walking, biking, and recreation.

  2. Healthy eating habits are supported by programs and services that focus on neighborhood accessibility of healthier food options, education, and availability of affordable fresh produce.

  3. Use of tobacco products and other addictive substances is eliminated or discouraged through policies, programs, and services.

  4. Age-friendly policies, programs and services support residents throughout the life-span.

Activities To-Date

  • Formed team to manage the HCI
  • Visited with the Lord Fairfax Health Department Director to learn about community health statistics
  • Explored potential funding opportunities
  • Drafted vision, mission and goals
  • Held community stakeholder meeting on 9/20/19 (Presentation)
  • Conducted survey to gather information and guide the activities of the HCI on 2/29/20
  • Began collaboration with Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

2020 Survey

On February 29, 2020, volunteers from the Healthy City Initiative and public health students from Shenandoah University surveyed visitors to the Valley Health Community Wellness Festival at the Apple Blossom Mall. The survey asked about the respondents healthy eating and activity priorities as well as the services they need in order to make their lifestyle more healthy.


  • Number of Responses: 155 (92 live in the City of Winchester)
  • Gender: 75% women, 25% men
  • Age: 25% 18-29 years old, 57% 30-59 years old, 18% 60+ years old
  • Race: 74% white, 26% other

People who responded graphic

Most Popular Ideas for a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. More fresh foods for sale
  2. More physical activities for kids
  3. Having a free community center

Highest Priorities

  1. Improving public safety
  2. Making it easier to get fresh foods
  3. Making it easier to get healthcare

Other Priorities

  • Women were more interested in: 1) having a free community center, 2) healthy classes/events and 3) physical activities for kids.
  • Those 30+ years old found it more important to: 1) discourage smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and 2) make it easier to walk/bike/play.
  • Those 18-29 years old found it more important to: 1) increase food trucks and 2) add physical activities for kids.



Phone: City's Program Manager, (540) 667-1815, ext. 1784