Jubal Early Drive Renaming

City Council is currently discussing the possible renaming of Jubal Early Drive and would like your input. Please review the FAQs below and complete short survey by July 13, 2020 at 8 am.

Q1. What authority does Council have to rename streets?

ANSWER: State Code Section 15.2-2019 gives VA localities express authority to name roads.

Q2. What is the process for renaming streets?

ANSWER: Road and alley renaming requests are handled by means of resolution that must be adopted by City Council. Unlike ordinances (e.g. rezonings, City Code amendments, street vacations), resolutions do not require first and second readings or any public hearings prior to a Council vote.

Q3. Has public input been solicited on prior street renamings?

ANSWER: A review of City road renaming efforts over the past 100 years reveals little to no evidence of Council seeking public input, however, there is public comment at all City Council meetings where local residents can address Council on any matter. 

Q4. What is the history of renaming the roadway currently bearing the Jubal Early name?

ANSWER: The roadway that currently bears the name Jubal Early Drive was built in many phases and was originally identified as ‘Southern Loop’ in old plans. It was renamed Apple Blossom Drive in the 1980s when the easternmost part was built. A part of the route was built in the Meadow Branch Subdivision west of Valley Avenue and renamed Meadow Branch Avenue in 1994. In 1991, the east part was renamed E. Jubal Early Drive and soon after that action, Council renamed the portion that was under construction between Pleasant Valley Road and Valley Avenue to Jubal Early Drive. In 2014 Council renamed the easternmost portion as Millwood Avenue. 

Q5. Who was Jubal Early? 

ANSWER: There is extensive literature and historical documentation of Confederate General Jubal Early that covers his entire life. Two of the more readily available resources include:

Q6. Did Jubal Early ever live in Winchester?

ANSWER: No, other than when he encamped in the Winchester area during the Civil War. 

Q7. How many homes would need to be readdressed? 

ANSWER: None. 

Q8. How many businesses would need to be readdressed? 

ANSWER: There are approximately 80 business addresses identified in the City’s GIS addressing system. Nearly half of these addresses are office condominium within the 4 office condo buildings in the 400 and 500 block of W. Jubal Early Drive just west of Valley Avenue. Some of the condo addresses may be occupied by the same tenant or owner.

Q9. How soon would the address change take effect, if approved by Council?

ANSWER: Council has discretion to specify in the resolution when the effective date of the change will occur. Staff had suggested a minimum of 60-120 days in order to give some time for businesses to update address information.

Survey Results

Click here for a description of the suggested names listed in the survey (submitted by community members prior to Council's first discussion on June 23, 2020). Click "View Responses" below to see the survey results.