Activity Ideas

Need ideas of ways to be active in the Winchester area? Mayor Smith has compiled the below list of ideas to get you moving and having fun.

Activity Location
Walk Parcourse Jim Barnett Park
Walk the Track John Handley High School
Walk the Neighborhood  
Walk the Dog  
Disc Golf Jim Barnett Park
Ride a Bike  
Go Swimming Jim Barnett Park
Play Racquetball Jim Barnett Park 
Play Basketball Jim Barnett Park
Play Tennis Jim Barnett Park
Play on a Playground Jim Barnett Park
Play Soccer  
Play Golf  
Fly a Kite  
Play Pickleball Jim Barnett Park
Lift Weights Jim Barnett Park
Play Horseshoes Jim Barnett Park
Play Cornhole  
Play Wiffleball  
Play Volleyball  
Plant a Garden  
Go Hiking  
Go Horseback Riding  
Play Flag Football  
Throw the Football  
Play Softball  
Play Baseball  
Go Bowling  
Take a Fitness Class  
Play Kickball  
Martial Arts  
Rock Climbing  
Join a Rec League