Messages from Mayor and LFHD Director

Wed, 04/01/2020 - 19:00

From Mayor John David Smith, Jr.

When I was elected as Mayor, one responsibility I accepted was making sure Winchester residents had a safe place to live. This, above all, is the most important thing, especially now. Being safe!!

I’d like to stress the importance of social distancing and staying home. Yesterday, the Governor issued a stay home order because too many people are continuing to go out in large groups. Nonessential businesses continue to stay open when they should close.  By doing this, they are putting themselves and others at risk.

I strongly urge everyone to practice good hygiene in everything you do and abide by the executive orders from the governor.

I also want to thank the city staff who work behind the scenes, keeping us abreast of all the changing information and participating in the many conference calls we are having with local partners, the state and federal agencies. Our staff that are on the front lines: public works, utilities, social services, public safety and so on, are putting themselves at risk every day. Do the right thing, stay home and allow them to do their jobs safely!!

I can not stress enough that each of us needs to do our part and follow the rules. None of us has ever seen anything like this before and if we all follow the recommendations and orders from state officials, we can slow the curve in our area!

This may be the last face to face Council meeting we’ll have for a while!

I hope you all stay safe and healthy. God speed.

Mayor Smith

From Dr. Colin Greene, Lord Fairfax Health District

"Each of us has the power through our own choices and actions to save American lives."

These words are spot on right now.

This virus can't survive on its own. It has to live off of human respiratory cells, and it can only survive in one person for a couple of weeks before that person's immune system destroys it. If it can't jump to a new person, it's finished.

This is its weak point, as we must exploit that weakness to defeat it...we need to take away its chance to make that jump.
Each of us has that power.

This virus is sneaky. Many people who get it have few or no symptoms, and don't know they can spread it. So we all must use our power.

Minimize the number and duration of close human contacts outside your household...that's the ticket to victory.
Stay home as much as can't infect new people from home.

Stay six feet away from others if you're out...the air disperses the virus over distance. Get exercise, but in individual sports: walk, run, cycle, hike...keeping your six-foot distance.

Don't be a vector: avoid unnecessary travel, especially from a high-risk area to one of low risk.

If you're starting to feel sick, absolutely stay home. If you think you need to be seen, call your doctor first if you can. Use the ER if you think you might need to be in the hospital, but still try to warn them before you walk in.

Stay away from the elderly and infirm, but call them, skype them, text them...let them know you still love them.

And of course, cover coughs and sneezes properly and wash your hands frequently.

Please don't hoard. Have 1-2 weeks worth of food at home, but please take only what you need.

If we all do all these things for the next month, most of the infections we have now will be gone.

We Americans have gotten through a lot before, and we'll get through this, too.

Each one of us has the power. But we all have to use it.
May you all be safe, healthy, and blessed. We'll spend lots of time together once this is over.

Dr. Colin Greene