North End Sidewalk Improvements

In August 2018, the City submitted a $1 million HUD Section 108 Loan application for a sidewalk improvements in qualifying areas of the city. On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, HUD announced publicly that the City's application was approved. The City has more paperwork to complete and Council has to formally adopt an ordinance accepting the loan before the funding can be used.

In order to qualify, the City must use the funding in neighborhoods designated as low to moderate income level by census data. With $1 million in funds provided through the Section 108 Loan, the City will improve more than 11,000 linear feet (approximately 2.1 miles) in dangerous and dilapidated sidewalks in Winchester's north end neighborhood. The streets where sidewalks will be replaced include:

  • Kinzel from Allen to Christopher
  • Christopher from Woodstock to Grove
  • West from National to Woodstock 
  • Darview from West Street to East Street
  • South Street from West Street to East Street
  • Battle from Green to Berryville Avenue

On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, the City’s sidewalk repair program, approved by City Council on January 8, 2019 (R-2018-35), will begin in the City’s North End. The contractor will be grinding down uneven sidewalks to reduce trip hazards and the City’s staff will follow to apply colored asphalt to smooth broken or uneven sections. The city will be divided into sections, similar to the leaf collection process (map), with repairs beginning in Area 7. Read More

Work began in June 2019 and completed in February 2020.