Activity Guide

Spring/Summer 2017 Activity Guide

Spring-Summer 2017 Guide CoverPool Schedules (page 3)
Memberships & Daily Rates (page 4)
Fitness Classes (pages 5 & 16)
Park Amenities & Facility Rentals (pages 6-7)
Special Events (page 8)
Youth Athletic Camps & Programs (pages 10-12)
Adult 16+ Athletic Programs (page 13)
Swim Lessons (pages 14-16)
Bus Trips (page 17)
After-School & PB&J (pages 18-19)
Creative Expressions (Kids, Teens & Adults) (pages 20-21 & 24)
Cooking Classes (page 22)
Environmental Programs (page 25)
In Your Backyard (pages 26-27)
Park Maps (pages 28-29)
Park Partners (pages 30-31)
Registration Information (page 31)

Winter/Spring 2017 Activity Guide

Winter-Spring 2017 Program Guide CoverPool & Gym Schedules (page 3)
Memberships & Daily Rates (page 4)
Facility Rentals (page 5)
Fitness Classes (page 7)
Special Events (page 8)
Meet Our Athletics Staff (page 10)
Youth Athletic Programs (page 11)
Adult 16+ Athletic Programs (page 12)
Lifeguard Classes (page 13)
Swim Lessons (page 14)
After-School Program (page 16)
PB&J Club & Summer Camp (page 18)
Creative Kids Programs (page 19)
Memorials and Law Enforcement Exploring (page 21)
Meet the Park Board (page 24) 
Cooking Classes (Youth & Adult) (page 25)
Adult Art Classes (page 26)
FREE Crash Courses & Middle School Life Hacks (page 27)
Bus Trips (page 28) 
Bienvenidos Amigos de Habla Hispana (page 29)
Park Partners (page 30)
Registration Information (page 31)

Become a Program Instructor

Get paid to do what you love! We are always looking for new ideas and qualified program instructors. Contact us at (540) 662-4946 or email.


Don’t wait! Register early and enjoy the wonderful classes and programs WPRD has to offer.  If the minimum enrollment requirement is not met by the registration deadline, a program may be canceled.

3 Ways to Register for Classes and Programs:

  • Online
  • Walk-In: Registrations will be accepted during normal hours of operation
  • By Phone: (540) 662-4946

Making Payments:

Payment is due upon registration for all classes and programs.

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Special Accommodations

WPRD welcomes participation in all programs and activities by individuals with disabilities and special needs.  WPRD is committed to inclusion and providing recreation services in the most integrated setting in which interaction between people with and without disabilities is provided to the maximum extent feasible.

If you have a special need or request for reasonable accommodation in accordance with ADA, and want to assist the WPRD staff in addressing your need or request, please contact WPRD in advance or indicate the needs or requests on all registration forms. Please understand that failure to provide timely and appropriate notice of a special need and/or request for reasonable accommodation may result in a delay in registration.  When feasible and appropriate, WPRD asks that requests for reasonable accommodation be made at least two weeks in advance of any activity or program.