Winchester Dog Park

Dog Park Areas

The Winchester Dog Park is located in Jim Barnett Park and divided into two areas:

  1. Small Dog Park - For dogs under 30 lbs (no dogs over 30 lbs are allowed in this area).
    • Families with children under the age of 16 may use the small dog area.
  2. Large Dog Park - For dogs over 30 lbs. Smaller dogs may go into the larger area at owner's discretion.

To use the Dog Park, all dogs must have a current dog license and proof of vaccinations. All dog park rules still apply (see below).

Hours of Operation

Dawn to dusk

Temporary Closure: Tuesday 10/5 through Thursday 10/7 for concrete upgrades. 

Dog Park Rules

Winchester Parks and Recreation and the City of Winchester welcome you and your dog to the Dog Park and encourage use of the facility.

  1. Users of the facility do so at their own risk. The City of Winchester shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dog(s).
  2. The Dog Park will be open from Dawn to Dusk. Occupancy is strictly prohibited after designated hours.
    • NOTE: Dog Park will close from 2-3 pm on M/W/F for routine maintenance.
  3. Dog owners are legally and financially responsible for their dogs’ behavior (responsibility of the owner still holds in the event the dog was brought to the park by another handler).
  4. Winchester Parks & Recreation will have the authority to remove a dog and the owner or attendant from the Dog Park at any time when the behavior of the dog or owner creates safety concerns for the dog’s owner or handler, other dogs or persons in the park or staff of Winchester Parks and Recreation.
  5. Dogs must be removed from the park by leash at the first sign of aggression.
  6. Aggressive dogs, female dogs in heat or dogs under 4 months of age are not allowed in the park.
  7. Report aggressive dog behavior to Winchester Police Department, 540-662-4131. If a report is given to Winchester Parks and Recreation, our department/staff will share the incident and paperwork with Winchester Police Department.
  8. Winchester Parks & Recreation has the authority to close the dog park at any time when it is determined a hazardous condition exist, maintenance work is to be performed or should it be determined a health issue is present that may be harmful to either the dogs or the owner/handler. Should a closure be necessary the closure will be posted by the use of signage at the entrance to the dog park and/or email notification.
  9. Winchester Parks & Recreation has the responsibility and authority to modify rules at any time when it is determined it is in the best interest of the dog, owner/attendant or the dog park facilities.
  10. All dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.
  11. For the safety of your children and your dogs, no one under the age of 16 years old is permitted in the large dog area. Dogs entering the park must be accompanied by an individual of at least 18 years old. a. Families with children under the age of 16 may use the small dog area.
  12. Clean up after your pets with supplied waste bags and dispose of in the provided container. (OVER)
  13. No prong, training or choke collars will be allowed when inside the confines of the dog park.
  14. Dogs must be leashed prior to entering and immediately upon leaving the park the ingress and egress areas as provided for this task. Park City Code-18-11 requires dogs to be leashed. Park City Code supersedes City Ordinance when in the Park.
  15. Digging is prohibited. If digging occurs, please make sure to fill in the holes.
  16. No bones or chew treats allowed (only training treats).
  17. Food and drinks in glass containers are prohibited.
  18. No smoking is permitted in the dog park.
  19. Dog owners/handlers are limited to a maximum of 3 dogs (2 owners) to register. When using the Dog Park area the ratio Maximum is 1 owner/handler to 2 dogs. It is recommended that the ratio is 1 dog per 1 owner/handler.
  20. Small Dog Area is designated to those dogs that weigh 30 lbs. or less. a. Unless accessed with a small child – dogs may weigh over 30 lbs.
  21. Water access in the Dog Park is for dog hydration only. Water is not to be used for bathing or playing.
  22. The following areas may be utilized for parking:
    • The gravel lot across from (east) of the Lions Club Shelter
    • The gravel lot next to the maintenance building (south)
    • All designated parking areas within the Park
    • Parking is not permitted in the grass.
    • Handicap Accessible parking is located adjacent to the dog park entrance.

The future of the Dog Park is dependent on owners/handlers and their dogs conducting themselves in a responsible manner and obeying all the rules. Winchester City Police Department will be notified of all expired license and rabies, if not turned in by their due date.

Support the Dog Park

The Winchester Dog Park was built through the efforts of many hard working volunteers.  Many of the funds used to construct the park were raised by these volunteers through the Winchester Parks Foundation.  The dog park committee of volunteers continues to raise funds for the dog park through the Winchester Parks Foundation donations.