Parks Foundation

Wilkins Lake


The Winchester Parks Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization formed to benefit the people of Winchester, Virginia, through financial support of the Winchester Parks and Recreation Department.

Winchester Parks FoundationFoundation's Purpose

  • Foster the development of an improvement of existing parks and recreational facilities and programs in Winchester
  • Complement the activities of the Parks and Recreation Board and the Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Provide the community with a charitable agent that serves the Parks directly

How are funds raised?

From individuals who are about our parks in general, or may wish to support a particular recreation program or project. We also receive donations and grant from civic groups, local businesses and charitable foundations.

Where does the money go?

Donated funds go directly to the Parks and Recreation project or program that was selected by the donor. The foundation will accumulate funds for a designated project over time and then disburse it as directed by the donors when needed. The Foundation works closely with the Parks and Recreation Board to select projects and programs. The Foundation Board is a group of people volunteering their effort on behalf of the parks, thus less than 0.01% goes to administrative costs.

In-kind Donations Accepted

The Winchester Parks Foundation has assisted or currently helps community groups fund the following:


Winchester Parks Foundation
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