Refund Policy


To create a fair and consistent standard by which the Winchester Parks and Recreation Department (herein referred to as WPRD) will apply refund processing fees and issue refunds for various programs, facility rentals, daily visits and household credit.


  • Refund - Any funds given back to a customer whether in the form of cash, a check, credit card, or household credit.
  • Program - Any class, program, league, camp, after-school and no-school event or activity organized and run by WPRD.
  • Facility Rental - The lease or use of property including but is not limited to all pavilions, building rooms, athletic fields, aquatic facilities and green/ open space.
  • Daily Visit - A one day, one time payment for the use of the indoor and outdoor pools, gymnasiums, fitness room, game tables and drop-in fees for classes.


  1. Refund requests for programs are subject to the following:
    • Customer refund requests must be received by WPRD prior to the registration deadline.
    • Customers will choose one of the following refund options:
      • Issuance of a check refund minus a 30% processing fee
      • A credit to original credit card minus a 30% processing fee
      • A household credit for the full amount of the refund.
    • WPRD will waive the 30% processing fee if it cancels a program or the customer provides a medical note signed by a physician prior to a program beginning.
    • WPRD will not offer refunds after the registration deadline unless the customer provides a medical note signed by a physician. Customers with approved medical notes may choose between two refund options:
      • Request a pro-rated refund by check or credit card for the balance of the program session minus a 30% processing fee.
      • Request a pro-rated household credit for the balance of the program session with the full balance credited to the household minus any participant apparel or goods specific to that program.
  2. Refund requests for facility rentals are subject to the following:
    • A 30% processing fee will be deducted from the facility rental refund amount if a cancellation is made (3) or more business days in advance of the reservation date.
    • Cancellations made less than (3) days in advance of the reservation date will forfeit all facility rental fees and will not receive a refund.
    • Customers will receive a full refund if WPRD cancels the reservation due to inclement weather or unexpected facility problems.
    • Outdoor Pool reservations canceled or rescheduled by 6:00 PM on the day of the scheduled use (due to inclement or pending weather) will receive the following options:
      • WPRD will issue a check within 10 days or the credit card used for the original transaction will be refunded minus a 30% processing fee for the cancellation.
      • A household account will be credited the full amount if the customer reschedules the reservation more than (3) business days prior to the scheduled reservation.
  3. Special event tickets sales are non-refundable unless WPRD cancels the event. Community groups conducting special events on WPRD property will follow the refund guidelines for facility rentals.
  4. Daily visits will be refunded if a refund is requested within 30 minutes of the same day visit and facilities have not been utilized by a patron.

Cash Refunds

Cash refunds will only be given to daily drop-in visits that meet the criteria stated in the policy above.

Household Credit Balances

Household credit balances on non-active households will be held for a period of 12 months from the date of creation. After the 12-month period, household credit balances below $35.00 will be forfeited and placed in the WPRD credit revenue account. Household credit balances above $35.00 will receive a letter advising the customer that they have 30 days to respond and 90 days from the date of the letter to use the credit on park services or they may request a refund check minus a 30% processing fee. WPRD will process refund requests within 10 days and a check made payable to the primary household member will mailed from the City Finance Department. Households who do not respond within 30 days of receiving the notice letter will forfeit their household credit balance to the WPRD forfeited credits revenue account.

All receipts issued by the Winchester Parks and Recreation will state the following:

“The Winchester Parks and Recreation Department will hold a credit balance on any non-active household for a twelve month period. Once the time period has elapsed the balance is then at the discretion of the department’s refund policy.”