Comp Plan Update 2019-2021

The City's current Comprehensive Plan has been guiding development decisions for over seven years and it is time for an update. The Comprehensive Plan provides a long-range plan for the physical development of the community. 

Public Input

A strong Comprehensive Plan, most importantly, needs to reflect the voices of the city’s residents. The process for creating the current plan included several opportunities for the public to voice their opinions. The first was an online survey and four public input sessions were held at the four elementary schools in July 25-August 6, 2019. The results of all public input sessions were presented to the Planning Commission on August 20, 2019

Current Opportunities

An open house and public hearing was held on August 31, 2021 in Rouss City Hall to gather input from residents about the proposed updates. The exhibits are on display on the main floor of Rouss City Hall.

Provide your input about the Comprehensive Plan Updates by submitting the online feedback form. The Planning Commission expects to complete its review by October 19, 2021 and forward it to the Planning and Development Committee of City Council for review. Then, it will be forwarded to the City Council for further discussion, public hearing and official approval. Public comment and feedback is welcome at each discussion by all public bodies.

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Chapter Updates

Chapter Description Changes Marked Final Draft
Chapter 1 Comp Plan History and Process Download PDF Download PDF
Chapter 2 Planning Studies Download PDF (1.6 MB) Download PDF (1.3 MB)
Chapter 3 Visions and Goals 2019 Download PDF  Download PDF
Chapter 4 Economic Sustainability Download PDF (1.1 MB) Download PDF
Chapter 5 Environmental Sustainability Download PDF  Download PDF
Chapter 6 Mobility Download PDF (1.5 MB) Download PDF
Chapter 7 Housing Download PDF (1.3 MB) Download PDF
Chapter 8 Community Facilities and Services Download PDF (1.5 MB) Download PDF
Chapter 9 Future Development Download PDF (1.3 MB) Download PDF
Chapter 10 Historic Preservation and Urban Design Download PDF (1.1. MB) Download PDF
Chapter 11 Geographic Planning Areas Download PDF (1.9 MB) Download PDF
Chapter 12 Plan Implementation Download PDF Download PDF

Character Map Updates

Map Description Link
Character Map Download Map (6 MB)
Key Map: Planning Areas Download Map
Central Area Download Map
East Central Area Download Map
North Area Download Map
North Central/Old Town Wolfe Street Concept & Building Rendering
Downtown Infill NE Quadrant
Downtown Infill NW Quadrant
Downtown Infill SE Quadrant
Downtown Infill SW Quadrant
Downtown Infill Core Quadrants
Northeast Area Download Map
Friendship Park Concept
Northwest Area Download Map
South Central Area-North Half Download Map
South Central Area-South Half Download Map
Southeast Area-North Half Download Map
Southeast Area-South Half Download Map
Southwest Area-North Half Download Map
Southwest Area-South Half Download Map
West Central Area Download Map