Winter Storm Update

Snow Plan A has been implemented in the City of Winchester as of 9:30 a.m. February 5, 2010. Snow Plan A includes the following provisions:
•Use caution
•Drive only when necessary with snow tires or chains (recommended)
•Keep sidewalks clear of snow

Public Works crews are currently treating roadways as necessary. Updates will follow as plowing and snow removal operations commence. When plowing operations begin, it is requested that vehicles be moved from the roadway, where possible.

Citizens and businesses are encouraged to use ice melt on their driveway entrance and sidewalks early and often to prevent snow packing down and forming into ice. An ice melter with Calcium Chloride or Potassium Chloride is better for the environment and only requires a small amount to melt ice. Please avoid rock salt or Sodium Chloride which can kill plants and trees.