Public input sought for two proposed projects

Wed, 10/06/2021 - 10:45

Two City projects, currently approved in the five-year Capital Improvement Plan, are ready for public input prior to further Council discussion. Initial public feedback is currently being accepted via online surveys and Public Services staff are available to meet with anyone who’d like a more in-depth conversation about the projects prior to providing their feedback (Tuesday mornings or Thursday afternoons). Click here to request a meeting. Deadline to provide feedback is November 19, 2021.

The two projects are:

  1. Millwood Avenue Traffic Improvements
  2. Green Circle Trail Phase IV Options

Millwood Avenue

The City is considering several options for improving traffic flow on Millwood Avenue between I-81 and Apple Blossom Drive. Staff are coordinating with VDOT for the preliminary design of the City’s project and hope to complete both projects at the same time as VDOT works to replace the bridge (estimated: 2023-2024 timeframe). 

The City’s project (west of the I-81 overpass) consists of the following primary components:

  • Remove the traffic signal at Millwood/Mall Blvd and eliminate left turns at this intersection. Mall Blvd will become a “right in-right out” only condition at this location.
  • Create double left turn lanes for westbound Millwood turning onto Apple Blossom Drive.
  • Create a left turn lane for westbound Millwood to turn into the Vaden property (former Perkins Restaurant and Best Western Hotel).
  • Extend the right turn lane for eastbound Millwood turning onto southbound I-81. This will be a free-flowing lane that will not be controlled by a traffic signal.

Click here to view a combined schematic (PDF) of both Millwood Avenue projects.

The cost of the City’s project is expected to be more than $6M and will be funded by a combination of City General Funds and VDOT Revenue Sharing funds (50/50). Funding is currently expected to be received in 2025.

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Green Circle Trail Phase IV

Phase IV of the Green Circle Trail will close the loop of Winchester's pedestrian and biking trail that was designed to circle the city and connect points of interest. For this portion, construction is expected to begin in 2-3 years and there are two potential options for the final section. 

Jubal Early Drive Option:

  • Shorter length and lower construction cost
  • Fewer easements will be required from private property owners

Abrams Creek Option:

  • Follows Abrams Creek and will provide a more scenic and natural trail experience that is more separated from traffic
  • Does not require an at-grade crossing across Jubal Early or Millwood and will be safer

Click here for a detailed map of the options.

The City has designated $5M for this project (combination of VDOT Smart Scale and Revenue sharing funds and City match).

Provide Feedback button (link to online survey)

Links to this information, the meeting request form, and the online public feedback surveys are available on the City’s website (City Projects web page).