Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is defined as an information system that is used to input, store, retrieve, manipulate, analyze and output geographically referenced data or geospatial data, in order to support decision making for planning and management of land use, natural resources, environment, transportation, urban facilities and other administrative records.  The GIS department is located in the Public Services Department. 

Our mission is to develop, manage, and maintain an accurate geographic information system to facilitate and enhance decision making processes to support the City of Winchester.

The minimum system requirements needed to use interactive mapping:

  • Recommended internet connection: Broadband (Cable / DSL or higher)
  • Browser (Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari 3 or higher)
  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or newer

GIS Data

For GIS data, please contact the GIS Coordinator at (540) 667-1815.

Interactive Maps

Map Description
Property search map

Property Search

Learn about your property
with one quick search:
tax information, refuse &
recycling collection days,
zoning district, voting ward,
and much more.

General Map Link Icon

General Mapping

View basic City GIS data
in addition to parks, EMS 
and government services.

Parking Authority Map Link Icon

Parking Authority Map

View the location of parking garages
and meters. Also find the nearest
handicap, loading zone, or fine box near
you using the "Near Me" widget.

tax maps Link Icon

Tax Map

View tax parcel data such
as the Tax ID, valuation and
sale date.

Zoning Map Link Icon

Zoning Map

View Zoning data as well
as the Historic District and
Enterprise Zone.

Enterprise Zone map Link Icon

Enterprise Zone Map

View the City's designated
enterprise zones.

Utilities Map Link Icon

Utilities Map

View City maintained utilities
water, sewer and storm.

Floodplain Map Link Icon

Floodplain Map

View parcel data and
floodplain boundaries

School Map 2016 Link Icon

Winchester Public Schools

View current school districts
and bus stop information.

Voting Map Link Icon

Voting District Map

View voting districts and
polling locations.