Current Road Closures

Road/Lane Closures

When the City or another organization needs to close a street or a lane for work or an event, the closure will be posted below. Check back often for updates. 

Dates Street/Lane From To Time Reason/Details
July 27-September  N. Loudoun Street* North Ave Wyck 24 hr/day Central Downtown Infrastructure Improvement Project
July 13-spring 2021 Right lane of eastbound Jubal Early Dr Harvest  Valley Intermittently Green Circle Trail Phase III construction
August 6-7** Monmouth Street S. Washington S. Stewart 8:30 am-3:30 am Verizon pole replacement
August 7-9
August 14-16
Boscawen Street Indian Alley City Hall 5 pm (Fri)-4 pm (Sun) Allow for additional outdoor dining opportunities in Old Town

* Parking prohibited in work zone. Access to homes allowed via sidewalk.

**Open to local traffic